Off Wam ’11

I made a comment to Jim last night that maybe we were boring people. He reminded me that just that morning we had Offles and Wamletes with our family followed by swimming and a BBQ, plus we have two rambunctious children and hope to someday add to it. Okay, maybe we aren’t that boring.

It’s that time of year again. When we celebrate yet another holiday by stuffing our faces with food. It’s always yummy and filling and more fun with family around. I didn’t take too many pictures but how many years in a row do you need to see a plate filled with an omelet, waffle and some hash browns, because this is our 7th year in this tradition? Seven years! That’s awesome.

Jim double panned the omelet station while Lanette manned the waffles.


Holly and JD sat at their own table this year, thanks to a $20 craigslist purchase this past weekend. We were happy to have Steven attend since he missed the last two years. And next year there will be one more kid in the mix!

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Have You Been Waiting?

I knew it!

This year we had the 5th Annual Offle Wammellette Extravaganza complete with family, friends and Rock Band. It was nice to have a bigger kitchen to cook in and more space for everyone to sit down. Jim took his place as the head wammellete chef while I served as the sous chef. Grandma Hopkins resumed the position of the offle maker. The food was delicious, as usual. We were excited to invite more people this year and hopefully more next year.

Last year Holly and JD were just wee little babes and slept through the event. This year they were hands on and ate their fair share of strawberries, cream and waffles. For some reason we forgot to give them eggs but I think they were just fine!

Thanks to Doug and Cate for providing the after breakfast entertainment! Everyone had a turn to either sing, drum or play guitar while Holly and JD provided us with their dancing skills.

Who’s coming next year?

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5th Annual OffWam Extravaganza

I can’t believe it’s been five years since we started the Laybor Daybor tradition of omelets and waffles. They keep getting better and better. We missed our usual attendees Doug, Matt and Steve as we had extra food! It’s the first year with Holly and JD but they spent most of the morning taking their nap. Next year they will be eating right along with us!

The breakfast attendeesHolly and JD slept while we ate...the last time in the same crib together, but more on that later.The chef and his lovely wife!!The scrumptious breakfast

Offle Wammellette Tutorial from Liz Hopkins on Vimeo.

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