Preschool Graduation

It was a bittersweet moment to watch our two kiddies walk out of the door with paper caps and plastic table cloth gowns on for their preschool graduation. They were beaming and were very excited to be showing off for Mommy and Daddy. It was nice to have Daddy take the morning off for such an occasion.

Preschool mornings started off a little rough leaving each other at the top of the stairs as Holly and JD held hands with a high school student to walk through a big school to a little classroom, filled with more students. I will admit, there were a few times I cried leaving JD, he had the hardest time. I knew they were safe and they were having a good time. They came home with crafts, paintings and lots of other things that I didn’t know what to do with. The friendships they developed with the other kids blossomed and now are even better friends than before.

IMG_9397 IMG_9403 IMG_9406 As the kids walked out and sat down the little band played Pomp and Circumstance. I’ll admit I got a little choked up. My babies are growing up fast!

IMG_9418 IMG_9422 Holly's turn IMG_9429 IMG_9433 IMG_9435 IMG_9437

As the student called each preschooler’s name they would go up the stairs and slide down the slide to get their little certificate. JD was so excited he ran up the stairs and flew down the slide, totally missing the girl with the certificates. His cap even flew off in the process and he didn’t want to waste anytime time picking it up! Holly, on the other hand, took her sweet time and daintily walked up the stairs and chose the opposite slide to go down.

IMG_9476 IMG_9483

The kids were in preschool with some of their best little friends. Aren’t they the cutest?!

IMG_9489 IMG_9491 IMG_9410

After the students received their certificates, the kids were each given an award. JD received the award for ‘most improved’ and Holly received an award for ‘Ms.Giggles.’ Very fitting for both of them!

IMG_9427 IMG_9428

During the school year the students filled out papers with the kids about their favorite color, animal, where they would go on Vacation and other things and compiled them into a Me Book for each preschooler. It was fun to read their answers to the questions. A nice keepsake from the year.



Now they won’t stop talking about Mrs. Perona’s preschool and wished they were going now!


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He’s All Grown Up

We’ve been to two graduations this year, Matt’s from BYU and most recently Johnny’s from Concord High. High school graduations are always funny to listen to. I guess the high schooler’s motto is YOLO, “you only live once”. I must be really out of the loop because I’d never heard the song they were all referring to. I’m more familiar with “YoHo, Let’s Go.” (name that person).


Anyway, the whole thing was nice. We yelled for all of the Mormon kids we knew and then it ended. The kids were pretty good because of the snacks I brought and the suckers Grandma brought. We were happy when it was over and then we had to wait, and wait and wait for John to come meet us. After the ceremony they made the graduates go pick up their diplomas, not sure why they don’t just mail them. John eventually came and we snapped a few pictures. Way to go John, on to bigger and better things at BYU-I!

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Utah Trip

It has been eight years since both Jim and I graduated from BYU so with Matt graduating we decided to make a family trip out of it. We talked about it for weeks with the kids and they were just as excited as we were to go to Utah. The kids did great during the 12 hour car ride, thank goodness for the DVD player, wrapped presents and many potty breaks along the way.

The morning after our arrival we made our way up to campus for all the festivities and to find some new gear. The smell of the Wilkinson Center brought back wonderful memories of being at BYU. Holly and JD got their new gear and we wandered around campus to see all the new buildings that we’ve never seen before. Wow has it changed. So beautiful! Before Matt’s graduation we headed to the Creamery to meet up with Jim’s childhood friend and his family. So fun to finally meet each others kids. We had a wonderful time catching up while the kids played ring around the rosie.

We walked into the Marriott Center, found our seats and stood while the graduates of the class of 2012 walked in. I was filled with excitement and such joy for Matt seeing him graduate and thinking about when Jim and I did. My eyes were filled with tears when we cheered for the graduates and then they cheered for their families. So grateful for the support our families gave us when we graduated. Elder Oaks’ talk about the marks that we have when we leave BYU was very touching and thought provoking. We then celebrated by eating some Cafe Rio!

The kids loved swimming in the hotel pool. Thank goodness for fun uncles and grandma who joined us. After we swam the boys walked over to Krispy Kreme for some dessert. The next day we went to Matt’s school graduation. The kids did so good and took their naps during the ceremonies. We cheered loud when it was Matt’s turn to walk, though we didn’t scream as loud as Donny Osmond’s family sitting next to us. We took some more pictures and then Jim and I went on a date to celebrate our engagement eight years ago. Cheesy? Maybe but it was a special time for us so we took the opportunity to leave the kids with Grandma and Poppy and went on our way. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, picked up some Cocoa Bean cupcakes and drove to Rock Canyon Park where Jim proposed.

On the last day of our whirlwind tour, we went to Salt Lake to visit Temple Square and have lunch with family. The kids loved seeing the temple and especially loved the fountains at the mall. It was a beautiful day.

One of the things Jim and I loved doing together when we dated was going to men’s volleyball games. We’ve been watching the games at home this season and really hoped there would be a game when we were there. Lucky for us there was a game and despite me not feeling great we went and had a great time. Even Cosmo came by to say hi. Rise and Shout the Cougars are out! It was the perfect way to end our BYU vacation! Congrats Matt!


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