Love Day 2013

We thought we needed to celebrate Valentine’s Day a day early because Jim had young men basketball the night of. So we went to Five Guys, JD’s request because they have cool drinks and I think he really likes hamburgers, and then went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. It was a great night with my little family. It turns out that we were actually able to spend Valentine’s together anyway. Yay for family nights.

I wanted to be one of those fun moms and make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast but I was rushing to finish the kids valentines for their friends before school. Instead they had poptarts and a glass of milk. I even bought little valentine mailboxes for the morning but forgot to put those out too.

We made it to preschool and so I took the opportunity to go get a couple heart balloons from the dollar store and ran home to clean the kitchen and set up a valentine surprise for the kids when we got home. I even had time to cut vinyl for the mailboxes. Go me! They absolutely loved their surprise and Holly even said thank you again to me today. Thank you dollar section of Target!

After preschool JD wanted me to take a picture so we jumped, no pun intended, at the chance. JD has had a hard time leaving me to go to preschool so I’m pretty sure he’s jumping for joy to see me. He does enjoy himself when he’s there though. He’s a mama’s boy for sure!

We spent some time at the park with our dear friends and the kids exchanged valentines with each other. They were so excited to give and get their little treats! No pictures though.

It was such a nice day that we went to yet another park later in the day and played some more!

And Valentine’s day wouldn’t be complete without some heart shaped sugar cookies. We made them on Saturday. Holly was persistent in asking so while JD napped we made them. He woke up in time to decorate and eat!

I found this printable yesterday and wished I would’ve found it sooner. Great valentine for a few of my friends!

I’m loving this quote right now too! Thank you Elder Holland for being so wise.

 xo Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

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Love Week: Birthdays

I failed miserably at blogging everyday this week for love week so I’ll just pick myself up and start again.

I love celebrating birthdays; friends, family, and definitely my own. This year was no different. For some reason I’ve been really dreading turning the big 3-0. I was having an internal crisis. I soon realized that age doesn’t really matter. It’s okay that your friends are older or younger than you, or don’t have the same number of kids as you. Age is just a number, right? Once I came to that silly realization I embraced my new age and celebrated another year of life.

I love that I got to celebrate my birthday, surprise style, with my family two months before my birthday. Thanks Jim! Nothing like celebrating with family. I especially loved getting my birthday present from my parents early too. Thanks for my beautiful watch Mom and Dad!

I love that my mother in law knew exactly what I needed for my birthday. An afternoon of shopping, all by myself. Thanks Lanette!

I love getting cards in the mail from my best friend, surprises at my door from friends and lunch dates, without kids, with good friends. I love that my phone was lighting up every five seconds with birthday messages from friends and family. Love it.

I love breakfast in bed from my wonderful husband and children. My kids even surprised me with heart balloons too.

I love FaceTime and chats with family. Seeing and talking to my family on birthdays always makes it better!

I love spending birthday dinners with family, being sung to by wait staff at Chevy’s and walking out with a sombrero on my head.

I love that on the way home from dinner, Holly and JD sang Happy Birthday to me and told me how much they appreciated me. And they actually said the word appreciate.

Thank you everyone for making my 30th birthday extra special.

More loves to come, I promise.

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Love Week: Funny Moments

Either I have been blessed with more patience or my kids are just throwing less tantrums. I like to think it’s the first one. It seems that the more my kids can talk and learn the more funny things they say. I wish I was recording every little moment so I never forget. I am loving the little questions these two come up with.

I love listening to their little conversations. Sunday on the way over to Grandma and Poppy’s house:

Holly: “I want to push the button.” (door bell)

JD: “Okay, then I’ll open the door.”

Holly: “I’ll open the door and you push the button, okay JD?”

JD: “Okay Holly.”

Such a simple conversation but they are two and a half! I love it.

I love how Holly and JD love to read scriptures. They repeat the words I say and what I love most is how they add their own words to the scripture.

One night I read a scripture that said, “and he shall make…” JD says cupcakes.

Tonight we read “the Lord spake unto my father, yea in a dream…” Holly repeats the words and then starts singing “I’ve got a dream, I’ve got a dream.”

I love their wit!

In the car one day while JD is eating an old chip, he asks Jim what it was. Jim says, ‘I don’t know a dorito? It’s probably yucky.’ JD says back, ‘No it’s probably not yucky, it’s probably yummy!’

When we were in Virginia my parents, the kids and I were in the car. OGO says, “Off we go to California!” Holly replies, “No we aren’t going to California, just to target.”

JD started calling Holly, Holl. She replied by calling him Jade. I laughed. Holly then asked me what I was laughing at. I just replied with an “I love you two.”

And I do. I love who they are. I especially love how much they love each other.

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Shortly after we were married I thought I was ready to start a family.

I thought I would have a few kids. Maybe three or four. I thought getting pregnant would be so easy. I would be a glowing pregnant woman with a small round belly and go into labor and delivery with beautifully painted toenails and primped hair.

I would raise them to be well mannered children who could fall asleep on their own and at a decent hour. And slept in their own beds. Kids who obeyed and who behaved in public. They would never leave the house with dirty faces or clothes.

In reality, I would inject my belly and rear end with hormones to do IVF and get pregnant with twins. Some might say I was glowing, well maybe sometimes. Instead of a small round belly, a large one was in store for me. This whole IVF thing taught me patience. And brought me closer to Jim and my Heavenly Father.

Lucky for me, we got to pick the day of their delivery and I carried them full term. When it was time, my toe nails were painted, I was tired and that wonderful epidural wore off when it was really time to push. I had my best friend and mother next to me, coaching me the whole time. While my mother in law waited patiently to meet her new grand babies. The moment I brought them into the world, I was already nursing them. I held them on my chest all night that first night. Somehow, I had already forgotten about feeling like I’d been hit by a truck and the soreness of my body. I had two little miracles with tiny hands and feet. I instantly fell in love.

Two years later, I would do it all over again.

Who knew you had to train your kids to sleep. I sure didn’t. I battle every night on getting these two to sleep. On their own and in their own beds. We are coming up with a plan, and thanks to a wonderful, patient husband it’s paying off.

My kids whine, throw tantrums and cry. We leave the house with dirty faces and clothes and don’t always look like Baby Gap models. And I’d still do it again.

My kids want to “hold you, Mommy,” what feels like all day long, giving me constant backaches. They hold my hair to fall asleep, like it’s their drug. Heaven for bid I use the bathroom or shower without my little chickadees right there with me. They love sleeping on my pillow, kindly giving me a corner to sleep on. They know what clothes they want to wear, food they want to eat and they must have juice at all times. And I’d still do it again.

Playing the piano and singing songs is a new favorite activity. They know how to pray and bless everyone and everything. They say the cutest things and smile at what seems to be the right moments. Putting life back into perspective.

And through all the sleepless nights, whining, laughing, cries and smiles I am so happy to be their Mommy.

With recently going back to work, I have come to realize that my calling in life is to be a Mom. To be there to teach my kids. To love them and to hold them. While being taught by them. I’m thankful for a husband who supports me in that.

I’m grateful for women in my life who have shaped me into the mother I am today. Thank you Mom for being an example of strength and wisdom. You were there the minute I became a mother, a moment I will never forget. I love you.

I’m lucky to have a mother in law who taught her son how to treat women and how to honor his priesthood. Thank you for loving me as your own daughter and for being a wonderful grandmother to my children.

I look forward to what motherhood still has to teach me. And I bet there’s still a lot.

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Love Day

It seemed just like any other day but so different.

We got dressed in our reds and pinks.

Took pictures.

Had a really fun potluck at the church building with friends, running around and eating.

Took a much needed three hour nap.

Opened fun Valentine’s presents.

Made a yummy pizza.

Ate some yummy dessert.

Gave lots of kisses and said I Love You’s.

Piled in mommy and daddy’s bed to sleep the night away. That’s love I tell ya!

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I ♥ February – Fourteen

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Today I looked out the back to door and noticed that it had rained last night. And then I realized I left the kid’s bikes outside, dang it! But that’s not what I loved about the morning. As I was bringing those wet bikes in I looked down and noticed a small purple bud coming from the iris plant. A flower I didn’t even know we had. It is beautiful and simple as it is making it’s way up and open.

On our front porch we have a few flower pots and because we moved here in the fall we haven’t seen any flowers growing. That is until last week. These flowers started blooming. They are beautiful orchids! They catch beads of rain perfectly and really make me excited for spring!

Sunsets here are really beautiful and looking out our back window I see this most nights. It’s not Hawaii but I still love it!

All of these beautiful things right outside my door remind of the primary song that I love. I think it’s one of my mom’s favorites too.

My Heavenly Father Loves Me

Whenever I hear the song of a bird

Or look at the blue, blue sky.

Whenever I feel the rain on my face,

Or the wind as it rushes by.

Whenever I touch a velvet rose,

Or walk by a lilac tree.

I’m glad that I live in this beautiful world,

Heavenly Father created for me.

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I ♥ February – Thirteen


“You want to call Grandma?”


I love FaceTime! Holly and JD love FaceTime!

I love visits from my mom. Holly and JD love visits from Grandma Raab too!

It seems like for every three or four visits from my dad, my mom get to make her way out here, thanks to frequent flyer miles. And thank goodness for first class and comfort for the six hour flight that Grandma has to take out here. While Jim was in Vegas this year my mom came out to visit for a week. We loved it! It’s always nice when Grandma comes. Holly and JD love hanging out in her room and they follow her around like her little duckling, I love it! I love how they get excited for her to show them the family. I love how they’ve learned so much from Grandma. I love how she brings them little presents and how they love it. Like how they got dinosaur books and could say dinosaur right away! I love that we have the rest of our visits planned for the year, and grateful there are quite a few! We Love our Grandma!!

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