I Really Love Sundays

I have to admit that most Sunday mornings are rough for our little family. Getting ready for 9am church was not an easy task. JD cried almost every Sunday morning that he didn’t want to go and getting dressed was a struggle. Now that church is at 11o’clock our Sunday mornings are wonderful. JD and Holly happily get dressed early and we have time to actually eat breakfast while listening to some nice hymns.

Maybe it’s just my better attitude but recently Sundays have been amazing. So rejuvenating for the week, giving me the spiritual boost that I so need by the end of the week. Jim gave a talk on recognizing our blessings today in sacrament meeting and I couldn’t help but think of these two sweet blessings in my life.

They’ve been going to preschool four days a week for two hours a day and I find myself loving my free time but at the same time counting down the minutes until I get to go pick them up. They are learning so much these days. My most favorite thing right now is when they sing a long to the Primary cd. The songs they will learn this year in Primary. We got the cd the second week in January and they already know every.single.word to every song on that cd. Today when the primary chorister asked if the kids had the cd, Holly proudly exclaimed, “we listen to that in our car!” I secretly love listening to their sweet voices sing those primary songs, though sometimes JD remind me that it’s not Sunday so we can listen to fun songs too.

I love Sundays because Jim and I get to go to Sunday School together. I love hearing him comment and expound on scriptures. I especially loved the Sunday when the teacher asked if he’d give the First Vision in Spanish. I’ve heard him speak Spanish but never the First Vision. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty sweet hearing him speak. No matter the language, the spirit testifies of it’s truthfulness. I’m grateful for the blessing my husband is in my life.

In Sunday School today we were given scriptures and needed to come up with a question and how the scripture we had answered that question. The scripture said to be patient, faithful and diligent. And the part that stuck out the most was “I will encircle thee in the arms of my love.” I can feel His love everyday. I want to be better at recognizing the blessings my Heavenly Father has given me, especially the little things. I’m blessed to be a mother. It’s definitely my calling. Though sometimes my days are filled with a little more whining and fighting than I would like, I wouldn’t change it for anything. The extra kisses and I Love Yous make up for it. I know I’m loved by my Holly and JD and I sure hope they know I love them. I’m gonna go kiss them goodnight, again.

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