Love Day 2013

We thought we needed to celebrate Valentine’s Day a day early because Jim had young men basketball the night of. So we went to Five Guys, JD’s request because they have cool drinks and I think he really likes hamburgers, and then went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. It was a great night with my little family. It turns out that we were actually able to spend Valentine’s together anyway. Yay for family nights.

I wanted to be one of those fun moms and make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast but I was rushing to finish the kids valentines for their friends before school. Instead they had poptarts and a glass of milk. I even bought little valentine mailboxes for the morning but forgot to put those out too.

We made it to preschool and so I took the opportunity to go get a couple heart balloons from the dollar store and ran home to clean the kitchen and set up a valentine surprise for the kids when we got home. I even had time to cut vinyl for the mailboxes. Go me! They absolutely loved their surprise and Holly even said thank you again to me today. Thank you dollar section of Target!

After preschool JD wanted me to take a picture so we jumped, no pun intended, at the chance. JD has had a hard time leaving me to go to preschool so I’m pretty sure he’s jumping for joy to see me. He does enjoy himself when he’s there though. He’s a mama’s boy for sure!

We spent some time at the park with our dear friends and the kids exchanged valentines with each other. They were so excited to give and get their little treats! No pictures though.

It was such a nice day that we went to yet another park later in the day and played some more!

And Valentine’s day wouldn’t be complete without some heart shaped sugar cookies. We made them on Saturday. Holly was persistent in asking so while JD napped we made them. He woke up in time to decorate and eat!

I found this printable yesterday and wished I would’ve found it sooner. Great valentine for a few of my friends!

I’m loving this quote right now too! Thank you Elder Holland for being so wise.

 xo Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

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